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International Traveller  Shiny Large Dots Luggage Set:

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International Traveller Shiny Large Dots Luggage Set
Lowest Price: $299.99 Luggage Pros
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Now available, the fun and unique Shiny Large Dot collection by International Traveller. Same shape, bigger look, same design. Familiar features include: expandability, packing divider, organizer pockets, and more. Luggage Set in Large Dot fashion print features 19", 24", 28" wheeled packing cases plus vanity case.Ultra lightweight ABS/Polycarbonate shell, Expandable up to 25%, Telescoping, push button handle that reaches 40 inches from the floor when fully extended. Corner mounted spinner wheels are molded into the body for extra protection. Full lined interior with packing divider and organizer pockets, Add-A-Bag strap to carry extra bags effortlessly.
Dimensions: Materials:
19" x 14" x 10", 7 lbs
24" x 17" x 12", 9.5 lbs
28" x 20" x 13", 11 lbs
10.5 x 14" x 6.75", 3.1 lbs
Hard Shell
Weight: 30.6 lbs Number of Pieces: 4
Available Colors: Red, Black, Polka Dot Wheels: Inline
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